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General terms, conditions and Infos


Regarding its reputation the services offered by a university is but one main criteria. The diversity of activities provided is another contributing element/quality feature. Therefor the main objective of the organisational unit ‘Allgemeiner Hochschulsport Freiburg’ (also referred to as ‘AHS’) is to enable students and employees to take part in physical training on a regular basis and thus engage themselves in a healthy and active lifestyle by offering such a huge variety of affordable sports activities.


Range of services offered

AHS organises sports activities and provides courses for the following purposes and intentions:

-          recreational/leisure activities

-          health enhancing and well-being activities

-          physical activity workshops

-          sports training courses

-          competitive sports

-          international encounters via sports activities



The entire AHS-services and activity offers are supervised and organized by our Hochschulsport-Team (contact: or 0761/203-4503; please check current office-hours: AHS-administers are located at the Hochschulsportbüro (helpdesk: room no. 1 in the brick-lined building, Schwarzwaldstr. 175, 79117 Freiburg, see plan: The team is eager to meet the students´ needs and integrate interesting new sports activities in their schedule whenever possible.



Any complaints, suggestions, improvements, desires or new ideas etc. are most welcome by e-mail to:


General terms and conditions

 Legal note: This English translation of our Terms and Conditions (=Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen/AGB) is mainly for informational purposes to enable non-german speakers a better understanding of our objectives and rules. If in doubt the original German version of our Terms and Conditions (=Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen/AGB) is legally binding!

Terms of participation

General eligibility requirements

Any currently enrolled student or employee at the time of Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg or Universitätsklinikum Freiburg is eligible to participate in the activities offered by AHS. In favour of the cooperation with Katholische Hochschule Freiburg and Evangelische Hochschule Freiburg as well as Hochschule für Musik Freiburg students enrolled herein are welcome to take part, too.

Unrequested production of a valid student ID no. of the named institutions is a mandatory precondition. Employees have to provide either an employee ID card or any other equivalent authentication of their actual status by their employer accordingly. Please enter your office telephone extension number for verification during the booking procedure. Please be prepared that your supervisor may ask you to show your student/employee ID and the booking confirmation at any given time during your stay at the premises.

IMPORTANT: In general no access to our sports activities for any other person unless named above!

Sole exception without any participant-restrictions: the universities tennis courts are public domain, though rental-fees occur in any case. Special rates available for employees and students. See further information:

The workplace health-promotion offers are open only to full-time employees of the University or the Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg. Strictly no admission for students whatsoever.

Underaged persons

Students who are under the age of 18 at the time of their initial sign-up have to hand in a parental permission (available HERE: If the permission is not handed in prior to the course start, the student is not allowed to participate in any AHS activities. The student will be charged for any costs involved.


Booking conditions & terms of payment

Due to insurance issues and limited numbers of participants we demand both a compulsory online-registration accessible for legitimate persons only as well as we charge fees for all our courses. You need to provide your current bank account data as any course fees will be debited under the terms of the contract accordingly.

By completing the online-booking of any AHS-sports course you hereby explicitly authorise “Allgemeiner Hochschulsport (AHS), Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg” (Creditor-ID-No.: DE47AHS00000120082) to direct debit recurrent payments for any occurring course- and administrative fees from the bank account provided (via a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate for SEPA Core Direct Debit Scheme: you authorize AHS to send instructions to your bank to debit your account and your bank to debit your account in accordance with the instructions from AHS).

In case of a bank account and/or address change after completing the booking process and prior to any outstanding direct debiting took place to settle up the balance due, you are obliged to provide details unsolicited, timely and in writing to:

AHS, Schwarzwaldstr. 175, 79117 Freiburg.

Your bank account will be debited upon separate debit advice note via e-mail (approximately 10 days in advance). Please ensure sufficient funds or surcharge will be billed. In case you close or change your bank account please inform us immediately or else handling fees might be charged on top.

IMPORTANT: Not handing in the signed authorization form timely won´t free you from the liability to pay. The binding booking contracting the debt remains and additional costs might apply.

After successful course-entry you will receive a link via e-mail to your ticketing confirmation which we kindly ask you to print and carry with you at any given time during the sports-courses. Unsolicited presentation of it to the supervisor or any other authorised person present along with your valid local student or employee ID card is mandatory prior to participation of any kind. Please do so after entering premises and before starting any sports activity in connection with the course.

Whoever does not comply with our rules will be banned from the premises and/or taking part in future activities and courses offered by ‘AHS’.


How to successfully manage the complete booking process for our sports-courses:

Activities can be booked solely online through our website and only during the sign-up period. Date and time when the sign-up period for your chosen course starts will be stated in the column ‘Buchung’ (booking). Once this period has started the button will appear in green colour (‘buchen’) and you can open the enrolment form by clicking it. No participation or booking possible if the booking link on our website is inactive or appears in red colour (‘Warteliste’) if the course is fully booked. In this case you may only access our messaging-service without commitment. By lodging your e-mail-address you will be noticed in case course-entry is possible again. The very person successfully completing the booking-process hereafter at the soonest will be answered in the affirmative for participation. NO participation without booking confirmation (you might check your e-mail inbox as well as your spam-folder). Please white-list ‘AHS’ with its sending address ‘’. 

Please note: Some activities require an additional registration ‘Sportzulassung’ (sports-approval relating to a certain sport) prior to the booking of the chosen course (e.g. booking of a sports-approval ‘Volleyball-Spiel’ (=Volleyball-play) is mandatory before signing up for any of the allocated offers on various days and times for different levels on that same webpage). Only after successful enrolment for the respective ‘Sportzulassung’ you are entitled to complete the booking of the course(s) desired. Once this allocated registration ‘Sportzulassung’ has been issued, you may sign up for as many courses that are consolidated and included under that very ‘Sportzulassung’-unit as you like. This also includes courses –if offered- during term-vacation period (‘vorlesungsfreie Zeit’). IMPORTANT: Absolutely NO admission to scheduled courses unless you signed up for it additionally to the respective ‘Sportzulassung’! as a sole ticket of any ‘Sportzulassung’ without confirmed booking of any of the allocated courses DOES NOT allow you to take part in the activity favoured (exception: ‘Fitness-Zulassung’).  Issuing of (printed) certificate(s) of the successful course booking(s) and -along with valid student ID- unbid production to the AHS-representative or supervisor in charge are unconditional requirements for participation in course(s).


Terms of termination

Notices of termination by participants need to be given in writing and sent timely as detailed below either by post or e-mail to:

AHS, Schwarzwaldstr. 175, 79117 Freiburg.

For any cancellations or questions regarding outdoor activities grouped under outdoor sports (‘Natursport’) please contact:

Please adress: concerning any other field of sports: Body&Mind, Fitness&More, Individual Sport, Martial Arts (‘Kampfsport’), Games/Playing Sport (‘Spiele’), Dancing (‘Tanz’), Tennis.

Terms of cancellation of an entry No. 1

a)    Cancellation free of charge and waiving of the whole course-fee thereby is possible only within one week after the online registration-date.

b)    One week after the registration-date a cancellation fee amounting to the respective course fee is charged.

c)    The cancellation fee is still due even in case of injury or illness.

d)    A reduced cancellation fee is charged if a binding booking replacement is presented immediately at the time of cancellation or the course happens to be fully booked again.

e)    In case of option d) a processing fee of at least €5.00 is charged.

f)     In any case there is no possibility to reverse an entry two weeks after the particular course has started. 

Terms of cancellation of an entry No. 2

a)    Cancellation free of charge and waiving of the whole course-fee thereby is possible only within two weeks after the respective course has started.

b)    In any case there is no possibility to reverse an entry two weeks after the particular course has started.   

Terms of cancellation of an entry No. 3 (‘Natursport’ / outdoor sports)

a)    Cancellation free of charge and waiving of the whole course-fee thereby is possible only within one week after the online registration-date.

b)    One week after the registration-date a cancellation fee up to 100% of the respective course fee might be charged as a function of the cancelling date as follows:

-          25% of the course fee if cancelled at least 6 weeks prior to the start date

-          50% of the course fee if cancelled within 6 to 3 weeks prior to the start date

-          75% of the course fee if cancelled within 3 to 1 weeks prior to the start date

-          100% of the course fee if cancelled less than 1 week prior to the start date

c)    The cancellation fee is still due even in case of injury or illness.

d)    A reduced cancellation fee is charged if a binding booking replacement is presented immediately at the time of cancellation or the course happens to be fully booked again at least 48 hours prior to the course starting time (due to organizational reasons a replacement cannot be accepted if the cancellation took place less than 48 hours prior to the starting time of the respective course - in this case the course fee will still be fully charged).

e)    A processing fee of at least €5.00 is charged at every cancellation by the participant.

f)     If an entire sport course is cancelled by the organizer due to bad weather conditions, the course fee will be omitted completely. If only parts of the course need to be called off by the organizer due to interruption by Acts of God the course fee might be appropriately reduced untitled. In any case of the event of an act of nature beyond control the subsiding partial course cancellation by the organizer does not title to claim for compensation, reimbursement or a free countermand by the participant.

AHS recommends to take out a travel cancellation insurance, especially for trips/courses lasting several days.


Guarantee of performance / unserviceability

All scheduled activities, courses or events might be cancelled few and far between by the organizer without substitution or title to compensation, reimbursement or countermand by the participant in case any of the following singular prior-ranking event need to take place or other imperative circumstances occur:

a)    university research or study classes

b)    competitions or other single events

c)    temporary absence of the supervisor

d)    Force majeure

Taking place of at least 75% of the appointed days and scheduled course duration are assured by ‘AHS’ – an appropriate reduction of the respective course fee might be claimed for at any lower rate.


Schedule change public notice

Any changes to the activity schedule, cancellations, information about additional courses or competitions and other events are available both on the bulletin boards in the entrance area of the sports department located at Schwarzwaldstr. 175 (see map: as well as on our website:


Insurance coverage and liability

According to the guidelines of the insurance carrier Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg, Waldhornplatz 1, 76131 Karlsruhe, enrolled students who are confirmed attendees of the respective ‘AHS’-course are usually covered and insured against accidents in connection with their participation in any course or activity organized and officially announced by ‘AHS’ on declaration basis. These courses or activities absolutely need to be part of the official ‘AHS’-schedule and have to take part during the times fixed and under the provision of an appointed supervisor to the respective event.

Exceptions: For any activities where ‘AHS’ is merely counted as the facilitator there is no insurance coverage by the UKBW whatsoever. So it is strongly recommended to be covered by private insurance against accidents in these cases. Any other athletic exercise (e.g. individual athletic exercise, open sport play groups or practising tennis not in line with the course curriculum) on university premises outside the framework of activities organized and scheduled by ‘AHS’ is NOT covered aswell!

In addition it is imperative for any participant to arrange for an essential private liability insurance in case of second party body injury or tangible damage during sports practise!

Only limited coverage against accidents is granted for employees entitled to take part in ‘AHS’-courses:

-          Any official (‘Beamter/Beamtin’) who has an accident whilst participating in ‘AHS’-activities cannot claim this as a work-related accident.

-          Coverage is also denied to other employees unless the special requirements of company-facilitated sports activities (‘Betriebssport’) are met.


Accident report

It is compulsory to report accidents that occur during any of our activities within three days. The completed accident report form as well as evidence of an ‘AHS’-registration have to be handed in at the ‘AHS’-office. For legal reasons, it is necessary to name an accident witness (usually the supervisor). Printed forms are available either at the ‘AHS’-office or at the admin offices of the respective institutions ‘Evangelische Hochschule’, ‘Katholische Hochschule’ or ‘Musikhochschule’. Your supervisor might be able to provide one right away, too. A web form for students of ‘Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg’ is also to be found HERE:


Reimbursement of AHS course fee by participants´ personal health insurance

Unless otherwise noted, courses offered by ‘AHS’ generally do not comply with preventive exercise programs according to § 20 Abs. 1 SGB V. This would be a mandatory presupposition in order to successfully submit a claim for refund of the course fee to the participants’ health insurance company. Therefor ‘AHS’ does not issue any confirmation of participation besides the booking confirmation.

In case the regular participation has been well documented by the supervisor in a course with no more than 30 participants, seals for the bonuses-booklets (‘Bonusheft’) which are issued by some health insurance companies can be provided at ‘AHS’ helpdesk during office hours 2-3 weeks after end of semester.


Lost property

Lost items can be claimed for in person and collected at the caretakers’ office (situated in the main building of the Universities sports department, Schwarzwaldstr. 175) or at the groundkeepers office nearby the Universities tennis courts, Schwarzwaldstr. 183.


Company rules

Please respect our company rules. A copy can be found at the entrance area. Neglecting them, the terms of use or the instructions of any by ‘AHS’ authorized person (e.g. supervisor, security guard, administration personnel, janitor) will lead to a temporary or permanent order to stay away from our premises and/or you will be banned from participating in our courses transitionally or long-lasting.